Recreation and Education

rock wall Mill foundation

walking trailWilson Mill Park encloses a wide variety of activities in a small space. It offers as much opportunity to those seeking space for meditation as an exercise of the mind as it does to those seeking physical activity. The committee encourages the use of the park for walking, picnicking, biking, bird and nature watching, recreational boating, and educational activities for children in history and the natural sciences. The opportunity for unstructured play and exploration within a protected natural environment encourages young children to be inquisitive, self motivated, and curious about their surroundings.

sign with Park informationThe Committee plans to install discreet signage in the park to inform visitors about its past, and its environment. The town Historical Society has already provided some initial signage at the Park entrance which will be expanded as more is learned about the mills and the past history of the area. Within the park there will also be signs about the status of long term projects such as the clearing of invasive plants, the layout of trails, and the habits of migratory birds and other animal life in the park.

campsite with picnic tableThe Committee will arrange for benches, picnic tables and waste containers in the park, but plans no major construction projects for the park area. There will be a small parking area near the Park entrance.

kayaking on  the pond  

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The goal of the Wilson Mill Park Planning Committee is to protect, foster and advocate for the historic mill site, surrounding natural habitat and passive recreation opportunities available at Wilson Mill Park for the people of Bedford to enjoy.