About the Wilson Mill Park

Wilson Mill Park offers to its visitors the elements of what is public, what is private, and what is enduring in a small New England town. It fronts on Route 62, a busy thoroughfare connecting local traffic between Bedford and Burlington, and also to interstate traffic on Route 3. Within a few hundred yards of this busy highway, the park slopes gently to a secluded shoreline along Vine Brook and an old mill pond where some structural remains of the mills once located here still stand.

The Wilson Mill Park Committee acts as an advisory body to the Town of Bedford Selectmen on matters relating to the park. It also works with other town officials and committees to maintain and improve the park. Members are chosen annually from residents of Bedford who are interested in the park and willing to volunteer their time.

looking upstream under the Wilson Mill waterfall  

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The goal of the Wilson Mill Park Planning Committee is to protect, foster and advocate for the historic mill site, surrounding natural habitat and passive recreation opportunities available at Wilson Mill Park for the people of Bedford to enjoy.